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WindFloat Atlantic final hookup at Viana do Castelo, Northern Portugal Photo courtesy of Principle Power. Artist: DOCK90"


Principle Power

Principle Power Inc. (PPI) is a provider of innovative technologies and services for the deepwater offshore wind energy market.

PPI‘s proven WindFloat technology – a floating foundation for wind turbines – represents a paradigm shift for the industry in terms of cost and risk reduction for the installation and operation of offshore wind turbines.

Principle Power sells WindFloat as a technology solution and acts as a service provider for developers, utilities and independent power producers, being present from the design of the overall system, throughout manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and providing support to customers throughout the platform’s operational lifecycle.


The Project

Following the award of several major contracts, Principle Power Inc. is faced with a significant increase in document flows. The number of deliverables is estimated at several hundred thousand, requiring one or two document reviews. Added to this are the related exchanges - i.e. the management and follow-up of all the monitoring received from the customer - exchanges with suppliers, correspondence / letters associated with the project, non-conformity sheets, etc...


The challenges

The sudden increase in the volume of documentation and information exchange automatically leads to a substantial increase in administrative tasks to cope with the volume of information and documents to be processed on a daily basis. This peak workload cannot be absorbed without upgrading management processes to optimize them so as to maintain the quality of the documentation supplied, while allocating the necessary time for editorial verification (Documentation Control). Issuing reliable contractual monthly progress reports in this context also becomes difficult.

The sharemundo answer

Set up appropriate processes

sharemundo supports Principle Power Inc. in harmonizing, updating (or redefining) and optimizing its document management processes, while maintaining consistency with applicable internal quality procedures and specific customer requirements.

Workflows for the following activities are derived from these document management processes and defined in consultation with the project stakeholders:

  • Reception and Registration,
  • Monitoring,
  • Diffusion,
  • Archiving

The next steps include setting up dedicated lists in SharePoint to manage all the necessary metadata and provide a single data source for all project stakeholders.

The automation of established workflows substantially reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, which can then be put to good use on Document Control tasks, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, standardized documentation.

By centralizing all the data, you can then connect the appropriate project indicators (KPIs) to automatically generate the elements required for monthly progress and project management reports.

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