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Integration of a documentation management solution and overhaul of quality processes


Ineo Nucléaire Engie Solutions

Ineo Nucléaire (ENGIE Solutions) brings together experts in electrical engineering dedicated to nuclear markets. Its skills include design, assembly and testing for electrical distribution, instrumentation, radiation protection, automation, command and control, supervision, information systems and networks, and perimeter protection.

INEO Nucléaire is also involved in maintenance engineering, multi-technical maintenance solutions and maintenance in operational conditions.


The Project

INEO Nucléaire is working as a supplier on the new Hinckley Point EPR power plant in the United Kingdom, carrying out general and detailed engineering studies, in particular for the new plant's lighting and electrical switchgear network. As part of this project, INEO Nucléaire has to manage a large number of input documents and several thousand deliverables. These will be submitted to the end customer via a platform requiring metadata to be entered for each document delivered.


The challenges

The processes and tools in place are suitable for the first preliminary study phase of the project, but not for the full scope requiring massive document exchanges. The tools used include several independent Excel files managed by different people for each part of the process. The production and monitoring of KPIs linked to the performance and progress of engineering studies is time-consuming, with the risk of errors due to the non-automation of these activities and the storage of information in different places or in different unconnected files. Strict end-customer requirements mean a significant administrative burden for document management and associated metadata. Errors or misprints in the content of documents/metadata lead to quality problems, resulting in multiple iterations or document revisions despite the involvement of resources.

The sharemundo answer

Acting as an integrator

sharemundo provided consulting services to initially define or refine existing processes for managing input data and contract documents, and for managing deliverables. The processes were discussed with the INEO Nucléaire resources involved in workshops run by sharemundo.

These workshops resulted in documented processes clarifying the roles/responsibilities and division of tasks for each party involved, as well as the means used and the appropriate sequencing of activities. These processes were then collated into a dedicated document management plan, used as the basis for training the resources involved in the project.

sharemundo then took charge of the deployment of a new document management software selected by INEO Nucléaire for the project. sharemundo acted as INEO Nucléaire ‘s interface with the software publisher, defining the requirements and ensuring that the necessary and appropriate adaptations were taken into account, so as to best meet the need and match the new tool to the established processes.

sharemundo was responsible for migrating all previous data and documents to the new software, in parallel with ongoing engineering activities. INEO Nucléaire ‘s resources were thus able to concentrate on their production tasks, avoiding any negative impact on project execution.

Finally, sharemundo produced the training materials and ran the first training sessions with INEO Nucléaire, so that the new document management software was up and running in time for the start of the main phase of the project.

sharemundo ‘s past experience in the nuclear industry enabled us to quickly understand and analyzeINEO Nucléaire ‘s needs, so that we were quickly up and running and able to put forward proposals for process improvement. Technical knowledge of software development and construction enabled sharemundo to act as the appropriate interface with the software publisher to ensure that the final solution delivered and accepted metINEO Nucléaire‘s specific requirements.

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