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Support throughout your projects

Implement methods that enable you to respond effectively to your constraints and your customers’ needs

Our expertise

Simplified project management

Our team, specialized in industrial project management, will help you implement methods to improve your performance, gain in efficiency and increase the profitability of your current and future projects.

Understand, advise, document and train

The sharemundo team’s past experience in the industry means we can quickly understand your specific needs and processes.

  • Audit of the current situation,
  • Analysis of your business processes (document management, non-conformance management, etc.),
  • Tips for optimizing your practices,
  • Leading workgroups in a ” Design Thinking ” approach (end-user buy-in, change management, listening to customers, etc.),
  • Drafting of organizational deliverables (formalization of processes and creation of associated procedures/plans)
  • Training teams in updated processes

Our business sectors are subject to strict requirements and regulations that demand precision and regularity. You are regularly asked to justify your activities, whether during the design phase or the installation phase.

What solutions can help you see your projects more clearly?

How can you simplify your processes while maintaining the expected level of quality?

We offer digital solutions tailored to your situation!


We support you in your digital transformation

The management of your projects regularly involves the use of spreadsheets or custom-developed tools. In order to centralize your processes and unify your data management, we support you in digitizing your projects:
  • Advice on defining metadata sets,
  • Process digitization,
  • Streamlined information management (single sources, data pooling, etc.),
  • Development of automated project monitoring indicators,
  • Help with the migration of past data, for a transition that has no impact on your business.

We’ll help you make the transition to digitalization, step by step, brick by brick, at your own pace!

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