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Because recruiting the right person at the right time isn’t just a matter of luck!

You are
a company?

You are


You're a great company...

What if our consultants were the missing piece in your projects?

Are you a company looking for the ideal profile to solve one of your current problems?

Our team, mainly made up of former managers and project leaders in the industry, is best placed to understand your needs and offer you the technical support you require.

Save time on your recruitment processes by calling on us!


How recruitment works at sharemundo?

Mission given

The company tells us what it needs, and we go out and find it.


We activate our network and use every means to find the right profile: social networks, internal networks, recommendations…

Interview with our team

We propose an initial interview to define the candidate’s professional objectives and ensure that the profile matches the proposed offer.

Sending the file

We send the candidate’s file to the company concerned for an initial assessment.

Interview with the company

If the profile matches, the candidate is interviewed by the company.

The adventure begins!

The mission begins at the company!

Join the adventure

Let's talk about you!

Our team will be happy to answer your questions and show you how show you how our solutions can meet your needs and challenges

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